Travel in Style at Kuala Lumpur (pt. 2)

Just in case you didn’t read the part one of Travel In Style At Kuala Lumpur, you can rea it by click here.

Okay, in this part I will recommend you what good to wear in Kuala Lumpur, especially if you want to walk at the heart of the city, example: KLCC. So you can keep on travel in style.

First, I still wear the same shoes like the part one, but no more floral print. I wear shirt with dark blue color, and then brown short.

The shoes is from Diadora and the short is from Uniqlo.


If you strolling around Kuala Lumpur with train and have a stop at KLCC station, you will find this spot when you go to the exit gate of the station. Don’t forget to wear a sunglasses guys, to complete your look.


The park in KLCC is quite crowded (literally always crowded lol), don’t be shy to take a pict in this spot.



Don’t forget to take a pict at the most mainstream spot in Malaysia lol.


Because the wind in this place is quite heavy, so it’s good to wear a cap. Red cap from Miniso match my shirt’s pattern right? Hahaha.

Okay, thats all my Travel in Style at Kuala Lumpur part two. Hope you like it. Thank you.


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